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Our Facility

Our Facility

Unit Sizes & Rates
(rates are per month) 

4 x 6  | $ 25.00
6 x 8  | $ 40.00
5 x 10 | $ 40.00
8 x 12 | $ 60.00
10 x 10 | $ 60.00
8 x 15 | $ 65.00
10 x 15 | $ 70.00
12 x 15 | $ 75.00
10 x 20 | $ 85.00
12 x 25 | $ 125.00
12 x 31 | $ 140.00

Outside Parking:
12 x 22    $ 25.00
12 x 40    $ 35.00

  Unit sizes are nominal.     


Keeping your belongings secure is paramount to our storage facility. We maintain a fully lighted and fenced facility complete with a security system. This, along with our on-site owners, helps to ensure that your units are secure.

People Packing

Pack your possessions away in The Storage Vault, a self-storage facility offering secure, lighted units in Marshall, Michigan. Our on-site owners do everything we can to ensure the ease and convenience of your self-storage experience. Contact us for more information.

Storage Tips

• Always clean and thoroughly dry appliances before storing
• Always pack books flat in small boxes for easy lifting
• Always pack mirrors on edge, not flat. Protect them by packing individually with strong cardboard.
• Always use plenty of packing paper for china and glasses. Each item should be wrapped individually.
• Always protect upholstered furniture and mattresses with specially designed plastic covers or sheets and blankets. Place a pallet, cardboard or plastic sheet underneath.
• When storing wood furniture, place a receptacle of water in unit to add moisture.
• To maximize storage space use uniform size boxes.
• Store heaviest boxes on the bottom. All boxes should be full before stacking.
• Leave air space around units perimeter to aid in ventilation. For ease of locating items, leave a walkway to the rear of unit. Store frequently used items up front.
• Always put an insect and rodent control in your unit.

RV and Boat Storage

Your recreational vehicles and boats are welcome at our storage facility. Outside parking is available with your very own assigned spot.   Inside parking is also available with conveniently wide and tall doors.

Contact us at (269) 781-4800 in Marshall, Michigan, to learn more about our storage facility.